Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

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Duck, Duck, Goose!

One thing I love about Bird is how many obscure things we have in common. Every now and then one of us says how much they love, let’s say, Japanese Maple trees and the other’s eyes will light-up as he or she exclaims, “I do too!” A long discussion over this shared love follows and then additional dorky research into the topic. By bedtime we are both day dreaming about “one day when we are rich/older/not in Kentucky/etc.” and we will fulfill this dream.

A while back while watching this video we discovered a shared love for geese. Random, I know. But would you expect anything else from us? We gushed over this new-found love and began researching geese as pets. Turns out we are not the only ones that dream of a pet goose. Gobs of research into keeping geese followed, as did an elaborate plan to have my big city comforts while living somewhere rural enough to keep geese. We all need our dreams, right?

It turns out that we also enjoy watching the geese on campus during our  morning walk, ride or drive to work. Our favorite time of the year is spring when the baby geese trail behind the grown geese, eating bugs and grass and looking extra adorable. Yesterday I decided to haul my camera to work so I could spend some time with the geese on my walk home. Much to my delight, they were waddling over to the pond for a swim when I approached. I am taken with what good caretakers these birds are. The babies toddled along while their parents cautiously watched their every move. When one baby plopped into the water a parent goose was right behind. It warmed my heart and I thought I would share a few images with you all. Enjoy!

A baby goose surveys the water and...


... plops in to take a swim.

Parent goose is right behind.

As are more babies and another parent!




Noah’s Spring Session


Clinton, Katie and Noah Hines.

Photographing Noah is becoming a hobby of mine. I find his dimples enchanting and his giggles more adorable than the meow of my cat. In addition, his parents make the photo adventures super fun with silly songs and lots of laughter. The next time we have photo time I’m going to do a little videography of the songs as they are just too cute. This weekend I stole an hour of the families time for a session in the Lexington Arboretum. I had originally planned to plunk little Noah in the middle of grass and flowers for shots, but quickly learned that Noah does not just dislike touching plants, he is deeply fearful of them. As cute as crying babies are, we only tormented him for a few minutes with plants and spent the rest of the time playing in a tree and at a bench.

Note: Friends and family of Noah can download printable, high-resolution images at my Picasa site later tonight.



These cheeks make my heart melt.

Noah is No. 1!

My second favorite photo from the session.

I need to figure out how to get rid of the bit of Clinton's arm in this photo... tips?

Noah has been blessed with an excellent profile.

Happy baby in a tree!

This is Clinton and Katie laughing at Jay as he dances around behind me with a stuffed duck in efforts to make Noah smile. 🙂

Right before we left Katie and I decided a little flower torture would not scar him for life. 🙂


meet Simon!


Simon has amazingly bright eyes! This photo was taken yesterday, January 30, 2011.

I’m really tired tonight, so rather than blog about the amazing meal I made I will post a few photos of baby Simon. The first few are from last night, and the other two are from late October. I’m grossly behind on my photo editing! Simon was born one month before Noah, the little Santa Baby I posted a few weeks back. Both boys are beginning to respond to strangers and other babies. Last night they discovered that they each had tiny feet. It was one of the most adorable moments I have ever seen. Possibly even cuter than puppies and kittens!