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Eviction Date


Baby Chicken is scheduled to be evicted on July 1 at 40 weeks, 3 days via Cesarean Section.

Baby has been breech since 34 weeks. Actually much longer now that I know that giant hard lump under my right lung was not, in fact, buns of steel like I had hoped. Nope, that big hard lump would be Brains from Jay and the squishy round mass in my lower pelvis would be Buns from Belle – also known as a soft rump that might require daily lunges should Chicken be a girl 🙂

Today I’m 38 weeks pregnant and have spent the past four weeks desperately trying to turn baby. I’ve done inversions on a board. I’ve burned moxa on my little toes. I’ve gone to a chiropractor for the Webster Technique. I’ve had a breech massage. I’ve done crazy arm stands off my couch, stairs and office chair. I’ve put ice on the top of my belly and heat on the lower belly. I’ve offered up the Alabama Shakes to my lower belly and when it occurred to me that baby might have more Jay’s music taste, switched over to Daft Punk. I’ve visualized baby turning. I’ve listened to a daily breech hypnosis CD. I’ve even ventured to a public pool full of strange children, at least one of whom discussed peeing in the water, to try and get baby to flip.

On Monday we went for the mother of all breech interventions and spent 8 hours in Labor & Delivery for an ECV, a medical procedure where a trained doctor tries to manually turn the baby through your belly. We never even go to the trying part, though, thanks to low fluid level and my oddly shaped placenta.

I been dreaming of my natural birth experience since way before I got pregnant, and even before I started infertility treatments.  A natural, unmediated childbirth was going to renew my faith in this body. It was going to be the empowerment that helped me start healing the wounds left from infertility and loss. The past few weeks have been tearful as I come to terms with the new way our child will enter this world. As my friend eloquently put it, Chicken will make his or her grand entrance by “coming out the sunroof instead of the driver side door.”

I spent a lot of time researching options and new cesarean techniques and decided that if surgical extraction is what it was going to take to get baby here safely, than so be it, but first I’d fight like hell to get a gentler kind of Cesarean that is not often practiced in the U.S.

The video above is a new take on elective cesareans that allows the family to be the focus of the procedure. Operating room chatter is directed at Mom and doctors don’t discuss what they had for dinner or how the Wildcats did. Mom is lucid and aware of what is happening. Baby is removed slowly from the uterus to help with acclimation and cord clamping is delayed. Mom gets to watch as her baby is born and then has baby placed on her chest immediately where all pediatric care is conducted. Baby stays with mom the entire time she is sewn up and then goes with her to recovery where she will receive breast feeding support right away.

I am so, so thankful that the first surgeon I met with has actually watched this video and done his own research on this new method. His eyes lit up when I said this is what I wanted and he was instantly on board, planning out the team that he will assemble to help make my first, and only, birth experience as gentle and special as possible. Within 24 hours he had contacted my family medicine doctor, who has been caring for me during pregnancy and had planned to attend my Natural Birth, to arrange for her to be present and handle pediatrics at my Cesarean Birth. He is recruiting his best nurse and hand selecting which resident will assist. He is excited to have Jay and I help him lead the way to bettering birth at UK.

While I’m still mourning the loss of my natural birth, I am extremely thankful to have found a place where everyone is willing and able to help make Plan B the best experience possible and bring our child into the world safely. Just 17 more sleeps until we find out if Baby Chicken is a Rooster or a Hen!


7 thoughts on “Eviction Date

  1. I’m sorry that “Little Chicken” decided to come into this world in his/her own fashion. I’ll be cheering you all on from afar come the big day! Thanks Sarah for sharing all of your adventures with us, I just LOVE reading your blog!

  2. Little chicken will be born on your Omi’s birthday!

  3. Perhaps Baby Chicken possesses a wisdom that cannot be fathomed, but should not or can’t be subverted. I am just glad that there is a “sunroof” option. Congratulations on your activism about the process. Looks like you will leave your mark on UK in more ways than previously imagined.

  4. Since i know this family imtimately, i believe there is some possibility that in addition to a big, hard brain and soft buns, the baby chicken may have a serious stubborn streak…now that s/he knows that you are reconciled to the sunroof delivery (love that!) who knows what might happen.

  5. I’ve always said other peoples pregnancies go be so quickly. That doesn’t apply when your own child is the pregnant one. This baby seems like is has been growing for the longest time! I can’t wait to meet this little person, I keep visualizing it with Jays glasses and your fashion accessories. I need to see this baby!

  6. It is tough! U know you don’t know me but owner to high school with Jay. The people in the room with you make all the difference. My husband and I were the only family members there (even if my mil didn’t like it) for my daughter and son and the nurses and doctor were wonderful. When you have a team rooting for you and know that you get to hear that baby cry, you can do anything. I am so happy for you both! It gives me goosebumps to read your story; get ready for the best day of both of your lives!

  7. I so love reading your posts 🙂 never having gone through this situation, I can’t say that I fully understand, but after two natural births, I can say that I know how disappointed I would be if I was not able to do that again. Thankfully, regardless of how your beautiful little Chicken gets here (and I love the analogy of the sunroof!), he or she will be in your arms before you know it, and in the end, THAT is the ONLY thing that will matter 🙂 congratulations, mama!

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