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Izy Kitty


Enjoying the warm sun on an afternoon garden stroll.

Twenty years ago my little family of four became a family of five. One summer afternoon Mom loaded Ian and I into the family’s signature blue and tan “house van” and drove us to the Humane Society. Sufficient time had passed since the family cat “Pip” had passed and we were all feeling the familiar need for four furry feet in the house.

Since it was prime siesta time all the kittens were dozing peacefully. All of them except for one – a wiry and rambunctious gray and white kitten with pink ears, pink pads on her feet and the most adorable pink nose that looked an awful lot like an eraser.

This kitten tore around the metal cage, dove into the stinky litter box and did everything in her power to get our attention. She had chosen us.

I think we held several kittens that afternoon but this little gray and white cat with ears much too big for her head was the one. Papers were signed, a check was written and our newest family member was christened “Izy Magargee,” with one ‘z’ because our family likes three letter cat names.

Tiny pink eraser nose.

In the Magargee household all pets are valued members of the family and are treated with love and respect. A holiday never passed where the family cat did not get a tiny stocking filled with fresh toy mice and tasty nibbles.  Just like humans get regular checkups at the doctor, so did our pet. Friends always inquire on the family pet because they know they are just that – family.

Izy was a part of our family for 20 years. She was mom’s best little fuzzy friend who was often found dozing in her lap and “assisting” while she worked on crafts and sewing. She was my dad’s back yard adventuring pal who insisted on daily walks in the garden. She was my brother’s “head bonking buddy” who was so intent on being close to him that she would drape herself over the computer monitor while he played War Craft. She loved to stalk and attack my skinny legs sending me bouncing away.

A “head bonk” given to Dad’s knee.

Izy brimmed with personality and light. She had many facial expressions, a vast vocabulary and body language that always conveyed what she wanted. She was feisty and sassy and never one to be ignored.  Even in her aged years she would demand attention, play, snacks and snuggles and did not like when these demands were not met swiftly.

Izy loved stinky wet food. She had an affinity for Publix deli meet and once hauled off with a bag of it and gorged. She enjoyed my mom’s peppery tomato sauce and licking the final drops of ice cream from our bowls. She was a messy little eater who required trays and paper towels under her food bowls.

For years Izy’s favorite toys were the plastic rings that came on gallon milk jugs. She adored toy furry mice, which she gnawed on with primal glee leaving behind gross piles of wet mangled mouse for naked feet to find at night.

Even at the ripe old age of 20, the shed was still an exciting place to explore.

Izy was always curious, even in her final days. She loved to explore, poke around in bags and sniff new people. Despite her age and arthritis, she would still rocket out of the cat box some days and zoom through the living room with reckless abandon, surprising everyone with her sudden athleticism.

She had a howl that could, and often did, wake the entire house. Later in life her howl changed to an old lady screech that still commanded the same respect and prompt attention. Her purr was warm and rumbling and could easily be started with a simple caress of her cheek.

Last week our family had to say goodbye to sweet Izy Kitty. I am so sad I could not have been there, but am glad that she was with those she loved most – my parents. To the little cat that tortured my legs for years and filled my adolescence with fun and sass: I hope your next life brings endless bags of lunch meat, a plentiful supply of furry mice to gnaw and a garden that is always filled with new adventure. You are greatly missed.

*Photos by my Dad during a summer stroll though the garden in August of this year.


11 thoughts on “Izy Kitty

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  2. Hi, I log on to your blog daily. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

  3. I’m sorry for the loss of Izy. We love the head bonks in this house. I know how much you’ll miss them.

  4. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Izy. Thank you for sharing part of her life’s story. Every cat should have such a life and be so loved!

  5. My boyfriend’s childhood cat is getting older now and he is already sad by what that may mean. I think she’s still got a few more years in her though, her age just meant she had to concede defeat in a fight with the neighbour cat, lick her wounds, and make friends with him now that she’s too old to rule the street.

    My man is so attached to her. They head bump all the time, and if he heads back to his mum’s for a couple of days she is sure to stomp across his keyboard when he is getting grumpy and tired with uni work. He was devastated when she went missing for a week while his mum was in hospital for routine surgery, but she came back hungry and grumpy and was lavished with pats. She has taken almost three years to warm to me because I think she knows full well I am allergic to her but we get along fine now. It makes me sad that he will one day have to say goodbye but happy that they have such a good relationship. A man who can love a cat so much is worth everything 🙂

  6. Izy cat was gorgeous!! I loved the pics of her you posted. I would love to see what she looked like as a kitten with ears too big for her head!!

    The furry members of our family are the ones we depend on the most. They are there for us in good times and bad; in the morning and night. They live for that pat on the head or belly rub; and we live for that furry face!!

    My heart goes out to your family; I am one of the many who has a furry family member, almost my whole life (and I’m 41!)

    I know the joy of living with the furry people and the heartache of losing them.

    Hugs to you all.

  7. What a beautiful tribute to Izy. It’s clear she is an exceptional kitty who loves her family dearly and will certainly be missed. I’m certain she will forever be with you all, as those we love never truly leave us. May you find comfort in the memories of her until you are all reunited on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

  8. She sounds like a wonderful, sweet pet, and I’m glad you were able to capture her and your memories in such a sweet way.

  9. Sarah, thanks so much for the tribute to our little buddy. I am a crying, sobbing mess now. Dad and I managed to keep it together most of the time in Florida but now that we are home it is much harder. I find myself looking over at the couch, just checking to see if the old girl is OK, but she’s not there. I hear a little noise and naturally look to see if it is Izy getting into something. This morning I glanced at the coffee table and I could see her there, standing underneath it and rubbing her cheek and chin on the edge. This house is full of twenty years of memories with that little cat. We loved her and will miss her for a very long time.

    • Oh Mom, crying is ok. There are tons of good memories in the house. In time you’ll be able to look back at them fondly. Right now, though, let yourself cry and heal. She was an incredible cat and will be missed by many. xoxo

  10. This is so lovely, Sarah. It got me crying for sure..for all of our animal friends who pass on. I don’t doubt for a minute that she will “show up” in those flowers or amongst the shed stuff some day again..just as friendly reminder that she will never truly be gone.

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