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Now you can turn your crap into cash! (some effort required)


My iPhone complete with eBay App so I can feed the obsession 24-7.

Garage sale, eBay or Goodwill? That has been the hot debate in our house for a few months now. As our Kentucky departure nears, we are becoming increasingly aware of how much junk stuff there is to move.

I have had numerous garage sales in the past and am not eager to have another. There is something exciting about the initial purge and watching the “pile” grow. It is less exciting to have to price it all and then set it up. It is even less exciting to have to roust your behind out of bed at 5 a.m. on a Saturday to sit in the heat while strangers fondle your possessions and ask, “Will you take $2 for this piece of crystal?” that you spent $50 on.

I think I would rather go to the dentist than have a garage sale – and this is a bold statement from she who HATES going to the dentist (I always feel so violated after strange hands have prodded and scraped my chompers).

So this left either eBay or Goodwill. We have sent a lot of small stuff to Goodwill already and, truth-be-told, I always feel a little sick when I give away a car full of things we spent hard-earned money on. The things we need to purge before moving actually have some street value and, well, I’m kind of stingy and just can’t stand the thought of losing a buck.

That left us with eBay. eBay-ing a houseful of crap stuff is a serious undertaking. First you clean things, then you photograph them, edit the photos, post them, write clever descriptions that disclose any imperfections and then you obsess wait. The amount of manpower required to list one item to eBay is daunting. But so was the thought of getting nothing but a big “thank you ma’am” if I donated it.

Two weeks ago I bit the bullet and carried several items upstairs – the cake pans used for my wedding cake, a set of spring form pans I very rarely use and a cookie press that I purchased during my “Dairy Days of Youth” – i.e. before I became allergic to everything yummy. I cleaned, photographed, wrote witty descriptions, and then sat back and watched as people had bidding wars over our stuff.

Ready, set, start a new obsession!

Since then I have been on an eBay rampage. I have listed dresses, shoes, kitchen things, electronics, old cameras, and more. This weekend we are listing old computers, a snow board, tools, and more knick-knacks then you can shake a stick at. The entire experience is exhilarating! It is so thrilling to check the sales and see that, yes, someone has bid $5 on that old Show Choir dress (don’t judge). People will buy ANYTHING and, unlike garage sales, they are willing to spend more money on eBay. Dresses I could not sell for $2 at my last garage sale in Birmingham sold for $10 on eBay – and the buyer paid for shipping.

The entire experience is intoxicating. I now have an “eBay App” on my iPhone (yuppie) that allows me to stalk my sales at any time and any place. But unlike my other obsessions this one is actually making us money. In less than two weeks I have made $120 – which is nothing to sneeze at. Encouraged by this success, Bird and I have set a goal – to sell $1,000 in crap stuff. A lofty goal, yes, but I believe it is completely attainable.

In the meantime, if you are in the market for a smokin’ hot purple sequined Show Choir Dress I can hook you up!


3 thoughts on “Now you can turn your crap into cash! (some effort required)

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  2. I want to see the purple sequined show choir dress!! Send me the e-bay link. Hey, if I bought it, then I could will it back to you!

    Hmmm…I wonder if I still have my red velvet choir dress from high school.

    Teasing aside, I greatly admire what you are doing!

  3. You still have the purple sequined show choir dress?! I am surprised!

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