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Project 333 Update

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Well it has been one month since I started Project 333 and I have several observations:

  1. I have done more laundry in one month time than I usually do in three months!
  2. Getting dressed in the morning takes less than 60 seconds – a welcome change from the “try this on, try that on” approach I used to take.
  3. I have spent more time wearing my white  sandals than ever before. It  turns out I really love these shoes but never gave them a real chance because of all the other options.
  4. I have cleared out two entire drawers that now sit empty. I am in no rush to refill them, either. I think instead I will move our towel storage to a drawer rather than stacking them haphazardly on the cupboard.
  5. Traveling is SO EASY now! I am able to travel with two bags – my one purse (I recently purged all my handbags except for one beautiful bag that I can carry year-round) and one small suitcase. My laptop even fits in the small suitcase.

I had to make a few adjustments to the pieces I originally selected after 110 degree heat struck Kentucky. I moved out the long teal skirt and moved in another pair of shorts. I am also swapping out a dress for a new pair of crisp white linen pants – a definite necessity in this kind of heat – purchased on clearance from the Banana Republic Outlet. I also realized that I need a little more variety in my shirts. I have traded in one solid tank top for a new printed halter – purchased on clearance from the Banana Republic outlet. This halter will carry into the fall season nicely and when the weather gets cooler I will layer it under a blazer.

I had one cheat this month when an unexpected trip to Chicago and a cocktail party popped up. Tucked in the back of my closet are three selections for unexpected occasions – one dressy cocktail dress for weddings, one suit for unexpected speaking engagements at work and one black and white polka dot dress for the unexpected cocktail occasion. For the Chicago trip I wore the black and white polka dot dress. I did not buy a new dress like I would have in the past.

My revised Project 333 list:

  1. black cotton dress
  2. orange sun dress
  3. tan sun dress
  4. black maxi dress
  5. black and white maxi dress
  6. multi colored maxi
  7. 7.      Anthropology dress White linen pants
  8. red and white striped top
  9. pink floral button-up top
  10. white crepe top
  11. cream lace top
  12. slate blue T
  13. green floral button up
  14. white T
  15. black tank
  16. 16.   white tank  black and tan halter top
  17. olive-green tank
  18. dark blue jeans
  19. denim shorts
  20. khaki pants
  21. khaki skirt
  22. seersucker crops
  23. red skirt
  24. 24.  long teal skirt  gray linen shorts
  25. white jacket
  26. aqua sweater
  27. cream sweater
  28. pink sweater
  29. denim jacket
  30. black flat sandals
  31. white wedge sandals
  32. cream heels
  33. red flats

*Not included in this list are undergarments, workout clothes, pajamas, accessories and glasses.


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