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Panda Invitations


I used Adobe Illustrator to draw the panda and bamboo graphics.

For the past two years I have put my graphic design skills to use making invitations for the baby and wedding showers of our friends. Each invitation I create is a little more awesome than the invitation before, making me feel a sort of guilty for the first few invitations lack of perfection.

The invitations measure 5.5 by 5.5 inches.

Our friends Natalie and Jason are having their first baby in July and, as has become custom, I offered to make their shower invites. I used the theme (pandas) and colors (avocado and peach) of the nursery to guide the design and then packaged them in sharp black linen ponchettes and avocado envelopes. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to purchase a sticker maker so I could create custom labels. Let me tell you, this bad boy is about the greatest invention on earth! Everything and everyone in my immediate vicinity should be prepared to be labeled with cute, custom designed labels… Do you hear that, cats?

I designed these labels in InDesign, printed them on regular white printer paper, then applied sticker backing using the Xyron. In the past I have used a glue stick for this, but the glue stick can leave lumps and seep out. It also runs the risk of falling off in the mail. The Xryon let me apply flawless permanent adhesive to the back of each label. Having the right tool made all the difference with this project.


5 thoughts on “Panda Invitations

  1. How can I order this invitation?

  2. Sarah, our daughter & husband are expecting their first baby Oct. 6, and I’m giving her a baby shower on Sept. 9. She found your invitation online and asked me to make hers like that, since she loves the panda design! She has other colors in mind, and we’re on a tight budget and timeline, so I’d like to make these myself. I only have Publisher and Word, so I’m wondering if you might consider sharing or selling me the panda bear image only (as in the sticker, with no border, on a white background) or even the long bamboo & panda image, (on white; no words), from the invitation. Ours will be 5 x 7, so I only need the images Might this be possible? Can you please reply by email?

    Thanks & Blessings,

  3. Thanks Faith! I’ll check out the link tonight!

  4. Very nice kid! Natalie and Jason will be very pleased!

  5. Wow Sarah! You are the renaissance woman!! I think I sent this to you before but if not check this blog out about letterpressing…

    Your invitations are beautiful! Just like your wedding invites and the rest~
    Glad you are tapping into that creative energy!

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