Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

Lettuce Rejoice! (I have not killed the lettuce)


Garden 2011!

Many of you may remember last years post about the chia head we received as a gag wedding gift. I reread this post and was amused not by the gag gift, but by the naivety I had in thinking our tiny little seedlings might actually amount to something. I hang my head in shame today and confess that the only things we  harvested from that garden were:

  • the tiniest green pepper on earth
  • a small handful of tough green beans
  • several super creepy white cucumbers (seriously y’all, how can you mess up a cucumber?)
  • weeds
It seems our first year of marriage was bountiful in every imaginable way EXCEPT gardening.

Hallelujah! The lettuce lives!

While I am now a little less naive about my gardening abilities, or lack there of, I am still an eternal optimist and like to believe that if at first I fail, try again! And so I did. This year we added fresh organic gardening soil to the garden boxes and purchased organic plant starts from Whole Foods and Good Foods. I added plants slowly, paying attention to the weather and the rain. When it was certain we were past the point of an agonizing frost (God help me, I probably just jinxed it) I carefully nestled my plant babies into to the soil.

Since then, I have visited the plants daily to water, weed, inspect for bugs and offer a little positive encouragement. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m nuts. “Hi Broccoli!” I sing. “How are you today…” My cats thrive when I talk to them, surely my plants will, too. Much to my delight, the plants are actually doing well! After a week or so in the ground they began to peek over the edge of the garden box. “Look!” Bird said while peering out the window. “I can SEE them!” This was exciting because very few of last years plants made it past the garden box ledge.


Today I wandered outside to have my first harvest: I picked enough fancy organic lettuce to make two large salads and a handful of fresh dill for dressing. Then I “harvested” some clover sprouts from my indoor sprouter (yes, I grow my own sprouts for sandwiches and salads) and put together an amazingly delicious homegrown salad! It was a truly blog-worth event. Stay tuned for more updates, or obituaries, from Bird and Belle’s Adventures in Gardening Take III!

Wee baby broccoli!


2 thoughts on “Lettuce Rejoice! (I have not killed the lettuce)

  1. Your lettuce is lovely and your baby broccoli is so adorable I could just pinch it! Good job kid!

  2. Wow Sarah!! Good Job! Your plants look fabulous! It is all about zen..and soil, of course. I witnessed your garden last year and ahem..was hoping for the best…but you are really off to a great start and it is still considered the “first year!” So congrats on a bountiful first year AND garden AND organized room AND new yoga practice AND house renovations ANDmany new recipes AND traveling to and fro, AND finding time to chill…Geez, you have done so much in one year of marriage..I can’t wait to see what is to come 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS!

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