Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

Ravens Run, Lexington


I woke up this morning and powered through what I expected would be a very successful blog re-do. I dug through the templates’ CSS sheet, made a pile of edits and got things just how I wanted it and then went to apply the new style sheet and found myself with a bunch of nothing. Evidently while I can muck through CSS, I still don’t have a clue how to execute the changes. Alas, maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

Frustrated with my lack of success, I meandered upstairs to see if Bird wanted some fresh air. After a quick breakfast we loaded up the camera, some water and a few snacks and went to spend two hours hiking around Ravens Run. The sky was overcast and the air damp and heavy with the promise of an afternoon rain. The overcast sky created perfect lighting to photograph the tiny wild flowers dotting the hill sides. Here are a few photos of the exciting things we found…


Sweet little purple flowers.

There is a little brown spider hiding in this flower.

The forest floor was covered in tiny little plants with fresh green leaves. It was inspiring to see so much new life!

Some of the flowers were very difficult to photograph without leaving the trail.

The water was way too cold to wade in.

The algae was so green that it looked almost fake.

The run.

These were my favorite! Aren't they unusual looking?

One impressive bud.


2 thoughts on “Ravens Run, Lexington

  1. FYI ~ I’m somewhat knowledgeable about spring wildflowers in KY so here’s what I’m pretty sure they are. The purple flower is phlox. The one with the spider is trillium that hasn’t opened all the way. The yellow ones are trout lily (weird name huh). The last one you said is your fav is dutchman’s breeches.

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