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the end of an era



Coffee from our trip to Costa Rica.

I have been downing coffee since high school. What began as a occassional cup of instant French Vanilla cappuccino grew to a monster of a caffeine addiction. There was a time in my life when I would pour four cups of coffee into a tall glass, add two to three shots of espresso and then a dash of vanilla cream. That was breakfast. The rest of the day was punctuated with cups of coffee from the office coffee pot. And I wondered why I had a hard time sleeping!

Moving to Lexington and being with Bird has been tremendously good for my health in many ways.

“Is that 16 oz tumbler filled with coffee???”

“Mmmmm, yeah…”

“Belle, that is TOO much coffee. You have a problem.”

In time I began to take these comments to heart and I actually gave up coffee in favor of a morning cup of Earl Gray tea and a little green tea throughout the day. While I missed the deliciousness of coffee, I felt amazing. My sleep was awesome, my days were full of energy. It was actually quite remarkable and I swore I would never turn back.

But then life got complicated – I was planning a wedding while working an extremely high-stress job. “I am now able to manage coffee in a responsible manner,” I announced one morning as I poured myself a respectable sized cup. It only took one sip. My “one cup” turned into “one giant cup” which turned into “one giant cup plus a small latte” and eventually into coffee throughout the day.

Last month I woke from another fitful sleep, rubbed my uveitis plagued eyes and stumbled to the kitchen to start the coffee. I watched as our gourmet coffee grounds swirled in the French press and thought – I don’t remember feeling this rotten when I was not drinking coffee. I thought about the boundless energy I had as a child – springing out of the bed at ridiculous hours (much to my parents dismay) and all the “stuff” I would accomplish.

It was time to come clean: I have a problem and the only solution is complete abstinence.

I have had lots of people look at me like I’m crazy and remind me that a cup of coffee here and there really does not hurt you. Then I remind them that a martini every now and then does not hurt you, either… unless you are an alcoholic. When it comes to coffee I am in need of meetings and support groups. There is no “moderation,” only elimination.

Rather than subject Mr. Husband and my kind coworkers to the wrath that is Belle during caffeine withdrawal, I started a caffeine taper. I reduced to two cups of coffee in the morning and two cups of green tea during the day. Then one coffee and two teas. Then one coffee and one tea. During our relaxing vacation to Florida I gave up my one coffee.

How do I feel? Fantastic. My sleep is rich and deep, my mornings are bright and my workdays are more productive. Even the cats seem to notice a change and spend more time quietly curling around my ankles than meowing loudly each morning.

To punctuate this life change I decided to sell my fancy Breville espresso maker. After just two days on Craigslist a buyer had been found – a lovely family new to Lexington and deeply in love with coffee. The perfect home for a perfect machine!

As I handed the Breville over I felt a twinge of sadness. Coffee and I have been together for many, many years. It is more than just an early morning jolt – it is a ritual. As my morning ritual wandered down the brick sidewalk I set another intention: I intend to find a new morning ritual that is just as satisfying, and much less inflammatory. I have no idea what could possibly replace coffee, but will be sure to keep you all informed when I hit upon it. In the meantime, I’m going to make a cup of decaf herbal tea to invoke some creative juices as I dive into my next big project – organizing my closet.




2 thoughts on “the end of an era

  1. Green Smoothies WOMAN!!! Or just a simple juicer to start juicing your way to energy and creativity but I LOVE Green Smoothies..SERIOUSLY! I thought you had started drinking them though? Maybe I am mixing you up with someone else… I am on that raw food detox this week I sent you an email about..Whoo Hoo!! My mind is even more loopy than usual:)

    Green Smoothie Recipes

    Congrats on the coffee thing. I was doing really well without it until I read about the blood type diet. My blood type actually does well with one cup of joe due to the LACK of acid content in my stomach. Coffee stimulates it and aids in digestion. ALSO, I read somewhere that people with ADD are being prescribed coffee to help with focus. I can totally relate to that as well. HOWEVER…I think we are the same in that we just can’t get enough. And it isn’t the best for our adrenals. I just read this blog post five minutes before yours…ironic~

  2. GOOD FOR YOU KID!!!!!

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