Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

Canaveral National Seashore, Fla.


Thursday afternoon Bird and I took Oma for a delicious seafood lunch at Norwoods in New Smyrna Beach and then headed to Canaveral National Seashore. Despite growing up in Florida, I was unaware of all the birds that migrated through the state. At Canaveral National Seashore birds, manatees, sharks, alligators, fish and the like can all be found in the warm saltwater rivers along the coast. Sadly, no manatees were spotted this time, nor sharks and dolphins, but we did see plenty of noteworthy birds and quite a few large alligators in their natural habitat – about a zillion times more exciting than going to a zoo! Oma is a fantastic bird spotter and spent the entire drive calmly saying – there is another insert bird name here. Mr. Husband would then patiently scoot the car up four paces, then back a smudge, then up a little bit more so I could stick my head out of the window or sunroof and photograph the amazing creatures.

A great blue heron. I wish I could have gotten a better shot of this guy.

A tricolored heron.

A tricolored heron. I think this bird is just beautiful.

White ibis with what I believe to be a juvenile white ibis.

I love how birds often move together in an almost choreographed way.

White pelicans! Oma told us about these guys but said they would likely have all headed north by this time. While photographing the above ibis, Bird saw a flock of white pelicans land and Oma could barely believe her eyes! I sure wish I had a better lens for this shot, as they were pretty far off. But we can still appreciate their beauty from this mediocre image!

Bird made some noises and got this guy to look up and open its eyes. Pretty creepy when all that separates you from a huge lizard is your car!

A reddish heron. Oma says that spotting this bird is also a treat.

Snowy egret.

Another huge gator.

A line of pelicans.

The last shuttle, poised and ready for final flight. I will never have this photo op again. I wish I could have gotten closer (or that I had a better camera!)

A king fisher.

I believe another tricolored heron, but I'm not certain.




2 thoughts on “Canaveral National Seashore, Fla.

  1. You have become quite the bird photographer! I think my favorite is the snowy egret. I always enjoyed seeing them when they would come through our back yard. Do you remember being eye to eye with a stork in Palm Harbor? You were on the screened porch and the stork was on the other side of the screen, maybe that was the beginning of the bird phobia. Looks like you’ve got that under control. I also like the shot of the aligator raising his head, they are creepy even when they are smiling!

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