Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

Cocoa Beach, Fla.


Our next stop after visiting Palm Harbor was to visit my very dear Oma in Cocoa Beach, Fla. Oma, which means grandmother in German, has been one of the most influential people in my life. She spends her free time rescuing injured wildlife and nursing them back to health. There was one time that her study was full of baby squirrels she and another when an injured loon was in her bathtub. She has rescued countless pelicans and other large sea birds. Oma has a very soft spot for cats, too. During my childhood Oma had three fat cats named Rover, Cricket and Katzel. I loved visiting her home and these kitties and yearned to have a house full of cats myself (and look at what has happened!) Since the original three, Oma has rescued and cared for many other cats. Today one small Tuxedo cat, Lucky, remains. Our visit with Oma was short this time, but just lovely. Yesterday morning Bird and I walked along the beach and took some photos while Oma went to work for a few hours. Later in the day we visited a National Park where we discovered that all three of us share a common interest: birding. First, some photos from Bird’s and my a.m. beach walk…


A beach duck. This, Oma said, is not normal.

Bird wanted to feed the birds. He choose a small group of seagulls to feed.

His group grew very quickly!

Once the bread was gone he channeled his inner child and chased them all away.

A flock of Royal Terns.

Terns! I love how the one looks like he is balding.

Sandpipers - these are my favorite beach birds.

A cormorant. These guys are often seen with pelicans.

An adult pelican in its winter plumage.

My favorite photo from the walk!


4 thoughts on “Cocoa Beach, Fla.

  1. Thank you for the sweet Oma stories!

    You were right about Jay’s inner child–he did chase birds when he was little.

  2. Nice bird photos. I especially like the one of “Bird” chasing the gulls away. You can’t feed just a few!

    Enjoy St. Augustine, I can’t even remember the last time I was there.

  3. Stunning!!
    How does everything seem after the oil spill? Will you swim?

    • Hey Faith! Actually, we didn’t swim at all as the water was still way too cold for our liking. As for the oil spill, the beaches on the gulf that we saw looked fine, however, I still would not choose to swim even if it were warm. The entire gulf coast disaster makes me so sad and angry.

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