Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

Palm Harbor, Fla.


I spent the golden years of my childhood under the sunny skies of Florida and playing on the white sandy beaches of the surrounding area. I attended Palm Harbor Elementary and proudly wore my “Palm Harbor Pelican” t-shirt (which I still have). Yesterday morning Bird and I woke up early, fled from the strange bed and breakfast and drove five miles down the road to Palm Harbor where we visited my old house, walked the block, visited my old school and then wandered around until we found a park that my dad and I used to bike too. Pop Stansell Park was just a few blocks from our house, but seemed like a far-off land. When dad would take me to Pop Stansell Park I felt so grownup, so free, and like we were risking everything to cross the “busy road” at a cross walk. These little bike rides remain one of my fondest memories of childhood with my dad.


I lived on Castlewood Lane.

My old house. It looks a lot different now. The house is painted a different color and there is a screened in porch at the front. All the landscaping my mom worked so hard to put in is gone. And that tree is now huge!

Palm Harbor Elementary has been closed! I was shocked and saddened by this. I really wanted to walk around the playground with Bird and show him the corner where I used to play dinosaurs with my friend Renee and the spot where I got whacked in the head by the tether ball more times than I can count - I have never been athletic!

Pop Stansell Park.

It seems the dock has been rebuilt. I don't recall the railings, but I could be mistaking.

Me at Pop Stansell Park.




2 thoughts on “Palm Harbor, Fla.

  1. The last time I was in Palm Harbor I was disappointed to see that all my shrubs were gone. Alas, most people living in Florida don’t want to spend time pruning each week. I was also surprised at how much our oak tree had grown, we planted it way too close to the house. As for that banana tree someone else planted by the front door, I liked my bottle brush tree better!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of the old neighborhood. I don’t miss it quite as much now.

    • Loved your pictures and story! I now live in your old home…and have been working in the back yard to make a butterfly garden!
      Your Mom did a wonderful job of planting several lovely things here… stop by any time! I’d love to hear the history of our home! Kathy

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