Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

Troy, Ala.

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This week Bird and I are heading south for a some rest, relaxation and healing. Our little Kentucky home has been left in the capable hands of our trusty House Sitters who will also spend ample time cuddling and fussing over the cat monsters. As much as I love my cats, I am so happy to have several days of meow-free sleep! Our first stop along the way was Troy, Ala. where it appears Spring has sprung early. We took a leisurely stroll through the campus, snapped a few photos, and then had a delicious picnic lunch consisting of a tuna salad prepared in the passenger seat with salsa and fresh avocado stuffed in pita bread. Then we continued our trek south to our next destination…

The sky was just amazing this afternoon.

A vintage phone booth stood in the middle of campus. How cool is that?


Bird decided to sport his "vacation hat."


One thought on “Troy, Ala.

  1. THANK YOU for sharing your travels with us!:)

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