Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

St. George Bay, Fla.


Bird and I arrived in Apalachicola, Fla. last night. After meandering through the town we retired to our lush historic inn, The Gibson, and enjoyed a full 10 hours of cat-free sleep. This morning we woke, enjoyed our packed “free” breakfast, and then headed to St. George Island State Park for a marvelous five mile hike through pristine Florida beach.

It was so peaceful on this island.


Wonderful beach flowers.

I'm not sure what these guys were doing, but I loved the red and yellow shirts against the blue water.

I really wanted to climb around on these dunes but they were blocked off due to it being nesting season.

Bird and I packed a car full of breakfast and lunch food so we could travel on the cheap. Today's lunch consisted of a home made three bean salad, red grapes, whole wheat bread with jam and mozzarella cheese (for Bird only, of course).

Fresh green leaves.

Beach explorer.

The trail we walked down for the first half of the journey.

A "Witches Castle." Bird was raised in the desert and knows little about the beach. He took one look at this and said, "An ANIMAL made that!" I had to laugh.

Bird wearing the clam shell I found for him.

Belle: forgetting her worries and embracing the beach!


These guys moved so quickly they were nearly impossible to photograph.

The only phone I answer while on vacation is my banana phone. 🙂 (Side-note: My all-time favorite snack is a delicious beer and a banana - seriously.)



6 thoughts on “St. George Bay, Fla.

  1. I never knew they were called witches castles, but I remember people making them. I also remember the most fantastic sand castle ever. There is some little town, I’m thinking an island town (maybe Treasure Island, but I’m pretty fuzzy about the name). They used to truck in tons and tons of sand and volunteers would build a giant sand castle, you could take a tour of it, walking up it but not in it…it was sand after all. The year that we saw it the theme was Atlantis, such beautiful work with all kinds of sculptures. Too bad you kids were so young and have no memory of it.
    You two look like you’re having a good time, enjoy the sun and the surf. I can smell the gulf air. Bring me back a shell!

  2. I too am a desert rat. Please more of the beautiful pictures!! Have fun, and relax too.

  3. Hrmm… just realized I typed burrow. Correction – borough!

  4. WowwowowoWOW! That looks amazing. Get me out of New York, already! (or at least to the sixth burrow…) Also, a banoo and a beer sounds amazing. Perhaps a healthier alternative to beer and donuts. Can’t believe I haven’t tried it yet.

  5. Ahhh, dreamy! Andy and I had one of our fave vacations at St. George Island. We. Love. It. There! Stayed at the Inn on the island. What a beautiful place? And Apalachicola is a such a sweet lil town. I’ll live through your pretty photos.

  6. I am jealous. I need an ocean fix.
    I googled Apalachicola and saw a great photo of the Gibson Inn. Looks like a wonderful place!
    I don’t know what a witch’s castle is either. Please inform.

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