Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

Do you hear what I hear?


“Hey Bird, do you hear that?” I ask.

“No. Isn’t it great?” he replies.

“Yes. Let’s bask in the nothingness….” I say.

And we sit for a moment, eyes closed, embracing the silence as our new dishwasher soundlessly strips away remnants of the evening meal, leaving nothing but sparkling glasses and polished silverware behind.

Until last week Bird and I could not run the dishwasher while working in the kitchen, eating dinner in the dining room or watching TV in the living room.

WHOOSH, churn churn churn, GRunT, gargle, GROAN, chug-a-lug-chug-chug, WHOOSH, churn churn churn….

The dishwasher, which was not that old, was the loudest creature in the house. It could drown out the meows of four famished cats. With all the noise and production you would expect this modern convenience would at least do a fantastic job washing the dishes but, no, it failed every time. Our dishes would come out speckled, streaked and often looking dirtier than when they went in. “Why do I even try,” I would grumble. “Animals do a better job licking plates clean.”

Every Saturday Bird and I ignore the pile of dishes from the night before and have lunch at Good Foods Co-Op. After lunch we wander next door to the Habitat for Humanity’s “Re-store” Thrift Store. I have been in quite a few Re-store stores and none are as good as the one in Lexington where I have seen Ethan Allen furniture, stunning antiques, awesome bathroom sinks, vintage light fixtures and complete sets of solid wood kitchen cabinetry. One never knows what treasure they will turn up at Re-store so every Saturday we check. Two months ago we found the holy grail of thrift store finds – a BEAUTIFUL Bosch dishwasher.

It’s smooth white front did not have a single ding. The buttons were clean and all clicked in and out properly. The door was gloriously heavy and the racks slid out gracefully. However, the inside was unbelievably filthy. Crusted in years of calcification, the dishwasher was in need of major Elbow Grease. Filth aside this diamond in the rough was in the bright white that would match the convection oven I had picked out. It was the right size to fit the space. It was everything we needed.

BUT, and this is the big but, it was $175.

“I just don’t know,” Bird said as he scratched his beard. “175 is a lot and it needs cleaned.”

“There is a 30 day warranty,” I reminded him.

“Yeah, but…. ”

“Yeah, $175 is a lot. Let’s wait and see if it gets marked down,” I suggested.

And so we left the glorious, yet filthy, Bosch behind.

The Bosch remained in the corner of Restore for several weeks until one Saturday we found a discounted tag that read, “SALE $75” stuck to the side. And what did Cheap-Skate Bird and Belle do? We left and “thought about it” some more. I know, ridiculous.

The next Wednesday I took a half day at work and spent 30 minutes lunching at Good Foods. I munched my organic salad, sipped coffee, read my Kindle and wandered to Restore to see what was new. I ended up at the Bosch.


I thought about the mess of dirty dishes in my sink. I thought about how I would swear when I opened the dishwasher and found “clean” dishes that were still streaked. I thought about the noise. I thought about how $75 probably would not pay a cleaning lady for a week. And then I thought it was time I took action.

I bought the Bosch.

Several weeks later after a pound of various cleaners, a good bit of swearing, brow rubbing and maybe some yelling, the dishwasher was installed. Bird and I stood back and looked at its flush profile against the white vintage cabinets and pressed the ON button. The dishwasher silently sprung to life. “IT LIVES!” we cried! And then, we sat down to watch televisions while the silent Bosch did its job. Life really is good.


3 thoughts on “Do you hear what I hear?

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  2. A most excellent find! I have dishwasher envy.

  3. What, no photo of Jay crawling under the sink during installation???
    Sounds like the dishwasher was a real “find.” Hope it continues to perform well and to gurgle gently.

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