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A love for tape and other sticky office supplies has been an element of my personality for as long as I can remember. Sometime around the age of 4 I was sitting with Dad as he did something (maybe made a repair?) and he handed me a piece of rolled up tape.

“Hey Sarah, can you hold this for me?” he asked and handed me the piece of tape. We were bonding and I was going to help by holding! How exciting can you get?!

I do not remember what was being done, or why it included Scotch Tape. I do remember, quite vividly, looking at this piece of sticky awesomeness and thinking, “This is amazing!”

And then, much to my family’s horror, I proceeded to put it somewhere “safe.”

My ear.

The rest is a blur. There was a little frantic flailing, some poking, and then a trip to the walk-in clinic where the doctor pulled out some tool that struck fear into my mother’s heart and extracted the piece of tape.

This event began a lifetime love of all things Scotch tape related. Tape of all varieties, sticky notes, sticky tack, sticky picture hangers, you get the idea. If my mom left a roll of tape within the grasp of my sticky fingers she was sure to later find a mess. For reasons out of my control I was compelled to stick tape everywhere. Furniture, walls, myself. For some reason it was urgent that the wall have tape on it and nothing, not even my mother’s fussing and disappointment, could stop me.

Today I have learned, for the most part, to control these tape-sticking urges. I still have moments of weakness, though. During an unusually unpleasant meeting with a former boss I felt my hand drifting towards her tape dispenser. Something needed taped. When she turned her back to dig through the file cabinets I snatched a piece. I rolled the tape around in my fingers and contemplated where it needed to be placed. It eventually ended up on my shoe. Why? I have no idea. But the shoe needed taped.

Although instances like these are now rare, my affinity for sticky office supplies remains strong. My desk drawer is a testament to this. I’m well aware there is no need for multiple sticky flags, post-it notes, etc. but a power greater than myself that compels me to collect them.

Yesterday, however, my sticky drawer finally came in handy when I realized my pretty new blouse was on sale not because it was my lucky day, but because the top button refused to stay buttoned. The slightest motion would cast it open, leaving my undergarment majorly exposed. I closed my office door and pondered this debacle. I did not have another blouse with me, nor did I have a suit jacket. I had a t-shirt but today we have “Very Important Visitors” so a top saying “Mill Valley Dirt Bags” might not be the best choice. There were no safety pins in my office, nor did I want to punch an earring through the delicate satin fabric. Then it came to me… Scotch Tape Squares!

One square applied just below the culprit button held the top together perfectly. I did a quick Sun Salutation (yes, my office is large enough and yes, it is fair!) and the button remained closed. I marveled at my ingenuity and thanked whatever higher power convinced me many years ago that it was a good idea to maintain an arsenal of sticky office supplies. I celebrated this occasion by placing a long strip of tape on my telephone. But just one.

Addition: While Googling for an image to accompany this post (I’m lazy this morning and don’t want to design one or shoot something) I found this contest. I’m totally inspired! Maybe my tape obsession is meant to ultimately bring me fame & fortune rather than only tormenting my mom, past roomies and now Mr. Husband…


3 thoughts on “Tape

  1. When we come to visit you I sometimes thing about leaving trails all over your little home, but I don’t because while it would be amusing to me, you have cat’s that eat things they shouldn’t. So I contain my urge, but now I’m thinking “tape revenge”. I’ll never forget seeing tape stuck to my new wallpaper in the family bathroom and just wondering why. It could be kind of fun to leave a couple of pieces of tape stuck on your walls, do you think a cat might try to eat it? It could be kind of a test to see how long it would take you to find it…hmmmm. Well now, the question is will I or won’t I. See you soon.

  2. Okay, you are a testament to my latest blog post…accepting what people say to you as their truth even though you really don’t want to.

    Cause cousin, I REALLY don’t want to believe you are this wierd, er uh..I mean unique! However, I will believe and accept you with open arms of love and gratitude that you are willing to share this side of yourself to us. The side that is CERTAINLY not from MY side of the family!!

    (no offense Aunti S..xoxox)

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