Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

meet Simon!



Simon has amazingly bright eyes! This photo was taken yesterday, January 30, 2011.

I’m really tired tonight, so rather than blog about the amazing meal I made I will post a few photos of baby Simon. The first few are from last night, and the other two are from late October. I’m grossly behind on my photo editing! Simon was born one month before Noah, the little Santa Baby I posted a few weeks back. Both boys are beginning to respond to strangers and other babies. Last night they discovered that they each had tiny feet. It was one of the most adorable moments I have ever seen. Possibly even cuter than puppies and kittens!


3 thoughts on “meet Simon!

  1. I cannot wait to meet that cutie in just a few weeks!

  2. Adorable photo’s and a great idea. See you guys this weekend

  3. He does have bright eyes! I think he favors his dad, what a cutie little Simon is. Isn’t it fun to watch little people grow and develop? Enjoy this little fellow, it’s truly amazing how fast they grow.

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