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bedroom project is complete!


Yesterday I finished Phase I of our upstairs remodel – the bedroom. Before our “master suite” was a pretty glum place with bare white walls, cracks in the ceiling drywall and numerous holes in the wall from both the previous owner and my pathetic attempts at hanging things. The room also boasted truly disgusting old carpeting that my feline, Yum Yum, had only made worse. Yum Yum’s “commode corner” was a constant problem as she is a large Maine Coon and does not really fit into traditional litter boxes. Complicating the problem is the fact that my cat does not like dirty paws and prefers to stand with all four paws on the corner of the box and lean her large fluffy toosh over the litter to go. This is well and good accept she does not have great balance or aim and often leaves the scene of the crime forgetting to bury the load. Something had to be done with her corner and that something had to start with carpet removal!

Jay and I got the bulk of the work completed the first weekend – fixed the drywall, painted the walls and ceiling and ripped out all the carpet. On the third day of the project things took a turn for the obsessive. Turns out that under the gross carpet was very old wood that the previous owners had completely disregarded while painting. Years of paint was splattered across the floor in varying shades of dated. Most the paint was white (from the crappy wall and ceiling paint job). Periodically a little of the 1970’s would surface (olive-green) and then the 80’s (powder blue and dusty rose) and then an occasional frightening sticky black blob. Jay looked proudly at the uncarpeted floor and said that it looked “rustic.” Rustic I can handle. Covered in other people’s poor painting I can’t. And so I set to work scrubbing and scrapping. Using Murphy’s Oil Soap and a bunch of elbow grease I was able to get 90% of the crappy paint off. The paint that remains around the molding will be covered with the quarter round after we polyurethane the wood this summer (that is an open window job).

The room was essentially ready to photograph and paint after this, but I wanted to wait till my last accessory came – a wonderful rug from and a beautiful Audubon bird print from my boss. Yesterday the rug arrived and I spent the day doing a second floor cleaning, dusting, washing linens and decorating. I’m very proud of our final product, and even more proud of the cost of it all. Had we hired someone to fix the walls, paint, rip out carpet and then scrub excessively we would have spent gobs of money. Instead we spent under $250 on paint and supplies. And now, the before and after photos! (Click on the photo to see a larger image)


2 thoughts on “bedroom project is complete!

  1. Love it! The wall of Ikea dressers looks like a built-in. Soothing colors are great!

  2. Congrats! Major elbow grease + flair for decorating = Gorgeous! You really did give new life to that floor..I am sure it thanks you for being dug up and revived. Paint color looks cozy, and rather different from one angle to another.

    Didn’t know YumYum was a Maine Coon. We saw a program that featured the breed and thought of YumYum. Maybe she doesn’t like the feel of gritty litter on her tender feet.

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