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31 in 365


Last year a former colleague of mine started a 38 in 365 Project. Here she sets 38 goals to accomplish in 2010 and then documents each as it is completed. Inspired by her work, and fueled by my embarrassing love for lists, I decided to create my own 31 in 365. Why only 32 and not 38? Why not a more ambitious 50? Honestly, I could not think of more nor do I want to overwhelm myself as 2011 is my great year of learning to live in the present and enjoy life! I chose goals that were realistic, will stretch my creativity, enliven my spirit and bolster both my career and my relationship with Bird. So here they are, in no particular order. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how the list is progressing over the coming year.

  1. Finish changing my name EVERYWHERE.
  2. Paint the living room and dining room.
  3. Make my home office a placeI can work comfortably in.
  4. Take a photography class.
  5. Create a design piece that is portfolio worthy.
  6. Workout three times a week for eight weeks straight.
  7. Run a 5K.
  8. Visit my grandmother in Florida.
  9. Make three necklaces.
  10. Harvest at least one tomato from my garden.
  11. Plant a flower bed filled with flowers I can cut and give away.
  12. See a movie with Bird.
  13. Go to the Air Force National Museum with Bird.
  14. Take a father/daughter hike.
  15. Blog about 12 meals I created from scratch.
  16. Bake a loaf of bread worthy of sandwiches.
  17. Perfect a vegan pie crust.
  18. Attend craft day with my mom and her friends.
  19. Roller skate.
  20. Take Bird on his first ice skating adventure.
  21. Read two books on yoga.
  22. Practice meditation on my own once a week for eight weeks.
  23. Visit the farm.
  24. Pay off my computer.
  25. Prepare one “meat meal” for my husband.
  26. Bike the Legacy Trail.
  27. Send three random snail mail surprises.
  28. Sew an actual hem into my drapes (no more iron-on hems).
  29. Make photo albums from our travels.
  30. Clean the car inside and out.
  31. Publish a piece of writing.

6 thoughts on “31 in 365

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  3. Uncle L has been out every weekend on the pond with the snowblower…Pond Hockey is a once or twice a week occurance around here these days..hasn’t stopped to thaw all winter. Perhaps a quick trip up to learn from the country folk how to skate is a possibility! That would take care of 20 and 23! Whoo Whee!!

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  5. Setting goals…what a concept. I am almost inspired! Good luck kid.

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