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Santa in Training

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Noah Hines

I think the best thing about babies is getting to dress them up in outfits and costumes. Seriously, such a tiny little person to dress up as say, I don’t know… a hot dog, or maybe a Santa or elf. I also find babies in little blue jeans to be adorable. Add a plaid flannel shirt and you have created my kind of baby (extra points if the flannel is brown!) I think it takes a special kind of parent to dress their baby up in something other than Onesies®. These parents are commiting themselves to the arduous task of cleaning this fancy getup when said baby spits up, or worse, experiences a poo explosion. Yet these parents persevere and continue to arrive at functions with a baby on their hip that is dressed to the nines.

Clinton and Katie, well, maybe just Katie, are these kind of parents. When Katie was pregnant I brought her tiny Chuck Taylor All-Star socks for her little boy, Noah. Her face lit up – the beginnings of an outfit! Since then she has never failed to surprise me. The first time I photographed little Noah he was a newborn and dressed in the tiniest blue jeans. Then last weekend he showed up to my Christmas party in a Santa suit. All I need now is Noah in a hot dog outfit and my baby fantasy is complete!

Unfortunately only a few of these photos came out since I was still partially blind and not able to see that my camera was set on manual – which is hard enough with perfect sight, and damned impossible when one is half-blind! With a little Photoshop I have tried to save three deliciously adorable images for your holiday viewing pleasure! Now, someone buy baby Noah a hot dog outfit!


One thought on “Santa in Training

  1. Seriously, a hot dog outfit? Well, maybe for Halloween. Please tell Katie for me that her little guy is adorable. He looks quite happy.
    Your photos look good kid, not bad for having a major eye malfunction!

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