Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

A True Friend Will Wear Cat Ears

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A true friend is one that will attend a cat circus with you!

Aden and I met several years ago at EBSCO where I oversaw the company magazine and she was our intern. On her first day at the job she asked more questions than I thought any intern could ever fire at a punky editor sitting in the neighboring cubicle. Needless to say, our friendship was not instantaneous.

Over time we got to know one another began to realize that we were really very similar. We found friendship in our neuroses when we realized that both suffer from slight obsessive-compulsive tendencies and can be torn by a need for perfection. We were both passionate about the written word and determined to find career success. We were dreamers and schemers struggling find light in the bleakest of situations. We were incredibly picky eaters (although in completely different ways).

Aden gave me strength while Bird and I dated. She would comfort me when life got so heavy I could no longer see straight. She celebrated with me when I was offered a job in Lexington and then cried with me when the realization sunk in that it meant I would be leaving. She had drinks with me on my last night in town and assured me that following my heart was not a sign of insanity.

A year and a half later, Aden stood by as I exchanged vows with Bird and then signed the marriage certificate as my witness. I am tremendously thankful for her friendship, support and optimistic spirit and am so excited to see where our lives take us next and what fabulous adventures we will have together. If it is anything like this weekend, it is sure to be nothing short of fabulous!

Highlights from Belle and Aden’s Adventures in Austin:

  1. Accidentally walking into a sex shop while prowling through vintage stores. “What were we thinking?” we laughed. Wait. We weren’t!
  2. Seeing a woman in gym clothes and a purple cape walking a small white dog.
  3. Discovering that The AcroCats cat circus was performing in town and buying tickets.
  4. Telling our moderately cute bartender that we were heading to see a cat circus (Note: This is not a good conversation starter when you are supposed to be
  5. playing wing-woman and the other is not seeking out a crazy cat guy)
  6. Photographing a bird on the foot of a sculpture and declaring that “a bird on a foot is worth THREE in a bush” and then nearly collapsing in giggles
  7. Seeing a Romare Bearden exhibit and finding a “bird in the hand” salt and pepper shaker
  8. Prowling through the lush Austin botanical gardens
  9. Seeing a 15-year old girl in a ridiculous purple ball gown outside the capital building
  10. Spending $5 bucks on cat ears to wear to the cat circus (Aden is the best sport ever!)
  11. Attending the cat circus and seeing cats “play” instruments
  12. Having a delicious vegan lunch and fancy cocktails
  13. Seeing an Austin guitar legend, Monte Montgomery, perform at the Saxon Pub
  14. Watching “Yentil” while sipping surprisingly tasty sweet white wine and discussing the characters
  15. Having a bartender at Austin’s historic hotel, the Driskill, accurately guess that I was nearly exactly two years older than Aden (Uncanny!)



One thought on “A True Friend Will Wear Cat Ears

  1. You two cats are just way too cute!

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