Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

Wedding Photos!

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At long last! Wedding photos galore. There were too many images to upload them all to the shared BirdandBelle Picasa account, so I have posted them to my personal account at a resolution that should print well at about 4×6, maybe 5×7. If there are certain images you would like high res files for, please let me know and I will transfer them to you using a Drop.IO site.

A brief warning about this particular Picasa site: it is my photo archive. There are TONS of albums documenting adventures Jay and I have had together over the years. There are at least a dozen more albums I need to post, too. Feel free to prowl around the other albums if you have hours of free time, or want to ignore that stack of paperwork or the pile of dirty laundry, and do check back periodically to see what is new!

Some of Jay’s and my initial thoughts while looking at these images were that:
A. We make a lot of ridiculous faces

B. My dad’s special mustache was the absolute best

C. I’m embarrassed at the disproportionate number of Belle vs. Bird photos. I had explained that I wanted equal photographing, but I guess it did not happen. I promise a professional photographer that is focused 100% on Bird and his friends and family at our next big event!

D. We have an amazingly fun and photogenic group of family and friends!

The last observation is the best, by far. I have to thank you all again for helping to make this the best day of my life. There were not words to describe the love and support we felt on May 29, and the many weeks leading up to it. Each time I saw someone else “warming” our rings, I would get a little choked up. I blame THIS on my crying during vows. It has nothing to do with me being a sappy chick. NOTHING I tell ya!

And now I must work, while you all waste copious amounts of time viewing hundreds of glorious hat and mustache laden photos!


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