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Some Big News In Belle Land

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So, my apologies for one week without any posts. I hang my head in shame… but first, let me make an excuse while sharing some very exciting news!

My past week has been absolutely consumed with job related issues. It is good blogger practice to avoid work related discussions on the internet, so I will keep this short and sweet. If you desire more details, give me a ring or shoot an e-mail.

Touristy self portrait during a recent work trip to Chicago.

I have been offered and accepted at new position at UK! I’m so excited about this opportunity, and eager to get started on some very challenging new projects. I am tremendously grateful for my time at the present job and for all the great people I have had the opportunity to work with. I would not have this new opportunity if it were not for the experience and knowledge I have gained in my current position. I will be wrapping up my duties at the current job over the next 30 days, then diving headfirst into the new job. I will try to keep posting frequent, but will be putting in a LOT of late hours to make sure all projects are closed and proper procedures are documented. Do stick with me, though, as I am certain this new job will only enrich our lives further and make for even more exciting stories!

In other news, the wedding photos are finally in! I will work on uploading them to Picasa this evening so all you non-Facebook users can relive our glorious wedding again, and again, and again (assuming you are that obsessive). If you wish to have some prints of certain images, let me know and I will get you the files.

Jay and I have created some rocking meals in the past week meaning there are quite a few photos and food blogs in the future. I think it is also time for a le Tour de Fish, too… We’ll be sure to get right on that as well. And now, dear readers, I’m off to tackle what is going to be a very busy day. Cheers!


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