Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

The Cat in a Hat


This morning  Mr. Simmons‘ lush green hair began to smell like rotten produce. I took this as a cue to wash the sprouts off his clay head and select a new wedding gift to blog about. It was tough, but I finally decided upon the gift from Brandon and Eren. Brandon has been an integral part of my Huntsville group for, well, ever.  Eren is his beautiful, smart and quirky girlfriend.

Long before Jay and I officially became engaged, we discovered that Eren makes cat hats. Yes, tiny hats for cats. I am a big fan of photographing Yum Yum with things on her head. Honestly, the best part of moving in with Jay’s three cats is that I now have FOUR cat heads to adorn with random objects. Charmed by this unusual craft, I told Eren that should I ever get married, I want a cat hat for my wedding.

Many moons later, she remembered and the day after our wedding I opened a tiny package that contained a blue and red crocheted cat hat. I was thrilled. Yum Yum and Co. crept away in fear.

Today Newton was my first cat hat victim. She was an eager model, which I found refreshing after years of battling with an uncooperative Yum Yum.

She is a natural!

So bohemian

Newton's reward for her modeling session was cat treat


6 thoughts on “The Cat in a Hat

  1. Like I mentioned before….once you start dressing an animal..children are not to far off!! Grammy Sam…better start sewing some cat suits~

  2. I feel as though it might be fitting a little tight. Would you like a new one that is both slightly larger and more teal? I feel that my reputation is on the line here and I want to give you (and yum yum) the perfection that you deserve.

    Congratulations again on your beautiful family!

    • I love the fit of this cat hat! I will let Euclid model next as she has the largest ears and smallest head. It will be painfully, ridiculously adorable!

  3. Oh my God, you are so funny! I heart the cat hats! 🙂

  4. Oh, the indignity!

  5. Poor little Newton! This is what happens to sweet, cooperative little kitties! She looks adorable!!! I know you told me that Eren made the hat, but I didn’t realize it was Brandon’s Eren. Such a cute little hat!

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