Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

Still Got It

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Requested by Sally Hineman

My brother, Ian, toasting Jay's "primordial masculinity."

Six hours after saying “I Do,” Jay and I ventured out for a final nightcap with what remained of the wedding party. As I waited at the table I sensed someone looking at me. A quick glance revealed a young guy making googly eyes. I smiled and looked away. He stepped closer and said, “You are just beautiful. What brings you out at this hour?”

“Actually, I just got married,” I beamed.

“No you did not!”

I flashed my ring and batted my eyes. “Yep!”

“Well then where is your new husband?” he said, unwilling to except his mistake and move on.

“Over there, ordering me a drink. You should meet him!”

I scurried over to Jay and quickly explained the situation. My handsome husband stood tall and walked towards the guy – his “primordial masculinity” filling the room.

“Hi. I’m the husband,” Jay said as he towered over the now very embarrassed young man.

“Oh! Wow. Congrats man. You are a very lucky guy!”

As the guy backed away, Jay looked at me. “You mean within six hours of getting married you are getting hit on?”

“Yup. You heard the man, you are a lucky guy,” I said as I squeezed his left hand and thought, “And I’m a lucky girl.”


One thought on “Still Got It

  1. Yes, Jay is a very lucky guy!

    Jay also developed a certain intense facial expression that served him well while he was growing up–it kinda says, “You’d better watch out!”

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