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How does your garden grow?


Jay and I decided to take a second stab at a garden this year. Last year we planted six plants – a couple tomato plants, okra plants and pepper plants. Unfortunately our world was too busy and we quickly forgot about our little garden in the back. Our negligence did not pay off – we harvested ONE sad okra and ONE tiny little pepper that looked more like Fisher-Price playfood than real food.

Not the kind of people to be hindered by failure, we decided to try again this year. This time we started our plants from seed in tiny peat pots in the sunroom. The week before the wedding we planted them and since have cheered them on daily while watering – go plants go! I’m pleased to announce that our kale now has FOUR leaves on each plant, and several tomatoes and peppers have multiple leaves. Our corn and beans have also sprouted revealing strong, happy plants.

Easy to do... Fun To Grow!

Our tiny success aside, I’m still expecting a 60% mortality rate in my second attempt at a garden. Let’s be realistic folks – with four cats do we really have time to tend to all these plants? Time will tell…

The point of this rant, however, is to not pick on myself for being a forgetful and negligent plant mom who should be reported to the plant equivalent of social services, but to bring up a mysterious wedding gift. I’m sure you all noticed it: pearched upon the gift table that was brimming with white and purple Bed Bath and Beyond bags was one small box wrapped neatly in the Sunday funnies. I noticed it right away and thought to myself, “Self, that is a fine looking wrapping job!”

On Sunday a bleary eyed Bird and sleep deprived Belle took to opening these gifts. I saved the funny box till one of the final gifts – as surely it was the most creative. We picked up the box and inspected the wrapping – the funny page was dated May 28, 1995 and someone had carefully written in red ink “Plus 1” under the dateline. How cute! The header of the page revealed it was from the “Sun Herald,” which I knew was a gulf coast paper. Google informed us it was  in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The gift tag said “To: Jay and Sarah” in festive bubble lettering. On the back it said, “Here’s a backup in case your garden falls through…”

“MYSTERIOUS!” we said! Inside we found what we least expected: A Chia Head.

Now, this is funny on several levels. The obvious being it is a Chia Head and I was not sure if people still bought these in this technology driven day. Next, the fact that it was in vintage funny paper that was nearly our wedding date. The third being that it did not reveal the gift giver.

The more obscure humor is that it referenced our garden and our past failure. Not many of our guests are aware of this garden… nor of last years bumper crop of two. To top it all off, I eat chia seeds every day in my yogurt. Yes, Chia Seeds. Read here for more info on what glorious things these little black seeds can do for you.

We received many kind, thoughtful and creative gifts for our wedding along with many kind, sincere and loving hugs, kisses and congratulations. The icing on the giving cake, though, has tiny black seeds and will sprout green hair on a face that has a nose larger than any old man. Jay and I have several theories as to who the gift giver may be… but first wanted to open up a dialog of speculation here, on the blog… any thoughts dear readers?


2 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

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  2. That is hilarious!! No clue on my end but I would love to see pictures of your garden on this “new” blog. (Perfect name, BTW) It will help everyone appreciate your endeavors even more. Hooray for the beans and corn…we knew they would make it. If anything will teach patience, its a garden! And maybe four cats…..glad to have met them. That puts a new perspective on your life as well. You are a busy Mama!!

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