Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage

We ate, drank and got married!


Our dramatic first dance!

What a wedding! Jay and I bid our final guests adieu this morning and are now recovering from what goes down as the single best weekend of my life! Not only did I pull off my largest and grandest event without a hitch (we even found corkscrew from a kind stranger thanks to Natalie Lockhart and Jason Ferguson), I also scored myself the world’s best husband. I could not be more pleased!

As promised, I have set up a new Google Picasa account so we can all share our photographs with one another. I am e-mailing everyone the login information since posting login information on a public blog is not the grandest plan . Let me know if you don’t receive info in the next day or two and I will resend.

I greatly enjoyed seeing everyone this weekend. It means so much to Jay and I that people came from so many miles to celebrate with us. Rings were warmed, hugs were received, tears were shed, hats were paraded and families were merged. I can’t think of anything in this world that I could wish for.

And now, I’m off to eat some more leftover Greek food as we have more left overs than I thought possible.  Jay and I promise frequent blog updates in the coming months as we attempt to continue chronicling our adventures, travels and mishaps. Much love to you all!


3 thoughts on “We ate, drank and got married!

  1. My favorite part of the event (aside from watching the beautiful/handsome, happy and in-love bride and groom), was that all the the “special effects” seemed to bring out a PLAYFULNESS in the guests that made for an evening of total delight (and made some of us feel very young again!).

    (Hi Faith!)

  2. Will your blog name change to “The Diary of Domestic Bliss?”
    What a fabulous wedding, weekend and experience for all. You looked absolutely stunning, by the way. The true “Belle of the Ball!” Bird didn’t look to bad himself:)
    I never thought I could consume four days of hummus and tabouleh but it has happened. Off to a breakfast of parsley~
    P.S. It is quite cool to actually have faces to place with the blog comment names…Hi Sally!!

  3. What a wonderful wedding it was! I must say, it was defintely the most “unusual” wedding I’ve ever attended, but, in a very GREAT way!

    My best wishes to both Sarah and Jay for a lifelong committment of happiness together!

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