Bird and Belle's Adventures in Marriage


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Dear Wedding Extravaganza Guests,

Not to be a terrible pest – but May 1 is quickly approaching! Jay and I need to get our final headcount to the caterer in the next few weeks and that, dear readers, requires the return of RSVPs.

Are you daunted by the request to draw us a picture? I promise you need not be a fine artist. Some of the best drawings have been the least complicated: two stick figures hiking through mountains with four round cats, a toilet, a pair of champagne flutes, a smiley face, even a drawing of my sweet grandfather’s aneurysm as explanation for his inability to attend! I know each and everyone of you will send a lovely, meaningful and likely humerous message/drawing!

In other news: wedding planning is wrapping up. Now I must start on the rather daunting list of “things to do around the house before countless friends and family descend upon us.” It is sure to be a busy 33 days. I will try my hardest to keep you updated on wedding developments. Until the next post, dig out those RSVP’s and get them in the mail – we eagerly await your doodles!

Love to you all,
Sarah & Jay


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