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The Top 10 Wedding Extravagnaza Questions

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So I have this silly countdown widget on my iGoogle homepage that is counting down till the wedding. I see it pretty much every time I check my e-mail. Rarely, though, does this benign widget really catch my eye. Until Friday.

“50 Days Until You Get Married” I stared blankly at the countdown. 50. Fifty.

5. 0.

Oh my gosh! Today my counter reminds me that there are only 46 days till the wedding. A quick glance over my wedding Google spreadsheet revealed that I’m pretty much on schedule. Well, almost. It seems I have missed several blog post deadlines, meaning my readers might still be a tad in the dark about things.

Since this is not your traditional “walk down an isle” wedding, I feel I should address the Top 10 Questions I have received in a public forum, as I’m sure others have similar questions. And so, question No.1…

Q. No. 1 What should I wear to the wedding?
A. Originally I was telling people to wear whatever they wanted. It took about 10 minutes to realize this was causing our guests more agony than peace of mind so I set a couple basic “costuming” guides. Since our wedding during the evening and at a rather spiffy art gallery, I deem it to be “Cocktail Attire.” This means no jeans, t-shirts, jorts, etc. I encourage our guests to wear bright fun colors if they feel so moved. As a young woman with wicked bunions, I encourage comfortable footwear. And I’m sure this does not need to be said, but I’ll go there – I encourage accessories. I LOVE me some accessories. J

Q. No. 2 Can I bring a camera?
A. This question surprised me! YES! Please bring your cameras. I promise there will be plenty of photo-worthy events. I am currently looking at ways to create a photo site that everyone can log into after the wedding and post their favorite photos for group sharing. More on this site in the remaining 46 days (gulp!)

Q. No. 3 Will there be a rehearsal dinner?
A. Due to the casual, non-isle-walking nature of this wedding, there will not be a rehearsal dinner. Plans are in the works for a fun group activity on Friday evening, though, and details will be posted here.

Q. No. 4 What can I do to help?
A. Honestly, the biggest thing you can do to help is to be at ArtsPlace at 7 p.m. on May 29! If you feel the need to help more, shoot me an e-mail or give me a ring and I can put you to work.

Q. No. 5 Do you really want us to draw a picture on the RSVP?
A. YES! The ones that have come in are just fabulous. Be creative! Be yourself! If stick figures are your shtick, then by all means, draw us an army of them. Anything goes…

Q. No. 6 Um, I know you are sort of vegan-ish and stuff… um… (uncomfortable look) will there be “normal food” to eat?
A. This question cracks me up! Carnivores rest assured there will be meat at this wedding. There will also be a delicious vegan alternative. I know we have at least one diabetic in attendance, so there will be a no-sugar-added dessert option. Nowhere in the room will there be a peanut or tree nut. I am super sensitive to folks with special dietary needs and if you worry that yours might not be met, please leave a comment, e-mail, call or drop by the house so I can make sure we all have full bellies.

Q. No. 7 Will your cats be at the wedding?
A. Knowing us, this is a reasonable question. Sadly, no. There will be no cats at the wedding. I talked to my cat, Yum Yum, about being the ring bearer and she turned down the offer – crowds make her nervous. BUT you can view photos of our glorious cats here!

Q. No. 8 Where did you get all the vintage stamps for the invites?
A. E-Bay. There is a seller in Florence, Ala. who sells old stamps for a very good price.

Q. No. 9 Did you really lick all these stamps?
A. Yes. I was about 80% done and my tongue was killing me when Jay walked by and nonchalantly offered a damp sponge. Blast! Why had I not thought of that? But by this time the stamps and my numb tongue were at war. Who won? Me. I licked all of them! (now go be grossed out and wash your hands)

Q. No. 10 Will you and Jay be around for the rest of the holiday weekend?
A. Yep! With so many guests coming from all corners of the country we have decided to stick around for a while and spend time with you! Holler at us if you want more info!

Do you have more questions? Leave a comment below and I promise to respond in a timely fashion. Cheers!


One thought on “The Top 10 Wedding Extravagnaza Questions

  1. No.9- This is why you are marrying the guy;)

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