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Who says you can’t have cereal at a wedding?

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I’m pleased to announce that all tedious and boring wedding planning tasks are complete! The only things left on my very OCD wedding checklist are the fun details that will make our Extravaganza truly unique. Like favors, props and, of course, sweets. Our original plan was to serve up a smorgasbord of pies from a local bakery.  After a little research I learned that a pile of pies could quickly add up to a small wedding cake – and that dear readers defeats the purpose of our Recession Special Wedding. So we hemmed, and hawed – whatever could we do?

I found our solution at – one wedding cake made entirely of Rice Krispie Treats! I was floored. The cake stood tall, proud, and did not threaten to melt or slide apart should it get too warm. My mouth watered as I remembered devouring these confections at elementary school bake sales. I poked Jay and pointed to the screen, “Oh… My… Gosh! I want one of those!” he exclaimed. And so it was decided.

Friday evening rolled around and the weather was gross and we found ourselves with little motivation to go be social. Instead we whipped up this bad boy:

Make with vegan butter, the end product was every bit as sweet, crispy and delicious as we remembered. I went the extra mile and whipped up a batch of homemade Royal Icing to glue the three layers together. With the extra icing I wrote “Happy House” for our friends Clinton and Katie Hines who would be our cake-testing guinea pigs and had just purchased their first home. Not one to waste good icing, I tried my hand at pretty icing decorations around the edge of the cake. This failed miserably as Royal Icing is not stiff like other icing. Instead it looks like a sweet white lougie. This will be left off the actual wedding cake. 🙂

On Saturday we loaded up the cake and took it to the Hine’s house for testing. Clinton and Katie, and their friends Kamie, Chad and Zoe Dibble all stared in wonder at the spectacle before them. Even before tasting it was agreed that this was a winning solution to our dessert debacle.

After polishing off nearly half the cake, both the Dibble’s and the Hine’s gave the Rice Krispie Treat Wedding cake their stamp of approval. Even little Zoe was impressed and showed her gratitude by giving me a hug.

A Master Pie Baker himself, Clinton has also agreed to help Jay and I make bridal pies (on a slightly smaller scale) to save further dollars.  Test kitchens will be held in coming weeks to perfect dairy-free apple and mixed berry pies to complete our Extravaganza and ensure that all guests are in a sugar comma by 11 p.m.


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