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Even the Cats Have Seasonal Affective Disorder


It has been a long cold winter! So long, gray and snow filled that even our cats seem to be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Bored with the dull outside view and lack of open windows, the cats have taken to picking on one another and getting into things that  cats really should not get into – like the chocolate favors I have been making for the wedding! Much to my dismay Euclid hauled off with one of the tests on Valentine’s Day. (Fortunately I intercepted her before she ate much.)

Along with the growly cats, I have found myself a little glum and lacking inspiration. I have many things to share with our readers, but the perpetually gray sky seems to cloud all words. And Jay, well, gray skies and freezing temperatures only make long days of mathematics more numbing.

Last Sunday, however, we had our first taste of spring – 57 degrees and sunny! We spent the day opening windows to provide the cats with a fresh air and bottling our first batch of beer (mmmm, updates on the final product in 7 to 14 days….). By the end of the day I found myself filled with hope and daydreaming of long summer nights on the back porch after fruitful days of gardening.

Now that my winter grumpy cloud is lifting, I think it is time I update you all on some recent, and not so recent, wedding developments. Let’s start with the small things first:

The wedding invitations are nearly complete.  It seems these have turned into more of an obsession than an art project. Every time I think I’m done, I have another idea! I am putting on the brakes, however, so they can get in the mail sometime this year. I will shoot for the first week of March, so keep watch over your mailbox. (A note to those who have planned weddings before: I am aware it is several weeks earlier than tradition to send out the invites. Seeing as how all but six of our guests are traveling here from all corners of the country and our wedding is scheduled for a holiday weekend, I feel it is only fair to give you advance notice to book tickets, rooms and events.)

The week after our $5 Wine Tasting Jay and I ventured to Cincinnati to stock up on our winners. Tragically, the Blue Fin Petite Syrah that garnered such rave reviews was gone! No more till late in 2010 or 2011. Thankfully, I was armed with my iPhone and able to consult our blog post to determine the next runner up – the Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck Shiraz. Much to our delight, this red was actually less expensive than the Blue Fin and will allow us to put the leftover wine budget towards a nicer keg. So, beer lovers, rejoice!

After a long and arduous search (ok, only like four days, but still!) we have found a caterer. I was shocked at the cost of traditional wedding catering, and honestly, not that impressed with our menu options. Baked chicken, a starch and a vegetable plus a small dish of vegan option just was not the impressive and exciting meal I had anticipated! Top it off with a price tag that ate up more than twice our original food budget and I was ready to throw in the towel and serve hot dogs! Luckily, my favorite “Wed-site”,, came to the rescue and I found a tip to try local restaurants instead of actual caterers. After a quick Google I found one of our favorite Mediterranean joints does occasional event catering and was more than happy to help us out, and for less than we had originally budgeted! Our wedding night dinner will consist of beef, chicken and kafta kabobs, falafel, rice, hummus, tabbouleh and fattoush! I can’t tell you how thrilled we are with both the menu, and the service we are receiving. It should be a feast!

And finally, we have found a kind soul to DJ our event in return for a hotel room, food and bevies! Our original plan was to iPod DJ the night ourselves. Although I have complete faith in my ability to scurry across the room at regular intervals in a wedding dress and fancy shoes to man the sound, I honestly prefer not too! Instead, Tony Peluso, from Columbus, Ohio, will be tending the music. Tony and his wife, Sarah, are dear friends of Ian and come highly recommended. He also promises that nowhere in his mix is the Macarena or Electric Slide.

Whew, that was a lot of updating! I have several other non-wedding entries I want to write. Maybe this week it will be sunny and inspire more words!


3 thoughts on “Even the Cats Have Seasonal Affective Disorder

  1. I will try not to gush, but we received our wedding invitation a few days ago, and it was over the top! What a delightful little package of clever surprises! And the stamps??? Did somebody raid Great Uncle Harry’s stamp collection or what?? The invitations may have been an obsession, but they were clearly also a work of art and love! Our compliments to the artist who has been impressing us with her personality, her beauty, and her talents since Day 1!

  2. THANK MY LUCKY STARS no traditional wedding dances…At one point in my life I was actually looking for a Wedding Dance dance class because I was in someone’s wedding and had NO IDEA how to do those dances…luckily the wedding broke off. Anyway…we will be dealing with our relatives here….there will be some feet on the dance floor no matter what. So excited about all your plans* Glad it won’t be traditional chicken and green bean cassorelle something or other…..

    • Faith, your comments make me laugh! I promise I’m in the process of responding to your e-mail. Work has been INTENSE. I’ll send you links to my recent work soon. Love to you and all in PA!

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