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A picture is worth a thousand words

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Jay and I traveld to Birmingham in October so my dear friend Rhonda McSween could shoot our engagement photos. The experience was just perfect. Our original plan was to go downtown and shoot photos among the old buildings. Included in the shots were to be a couple quick ones at the Alabama Theater. I very much wanted a shot of Jay and I and the Marquee in the background. It seems fitting as we met, and fell in love, in Alabama.

We started with a few “warm up shots” along Morris Ave. and then headed to the Theater. Just as Rhonda was explaining where she wanted us to stand, an older gentleman walked up and asked in a booming voice what “we were up to.” *Gulp* Rhonda explained we were just taking a few shots outside the theater and then would be on our way.

The man, whose name was Cecil, smiled and gestured to the front doors, “Well why don’t you come in and take photos! You can go wherever you want. Take as many as you want.” Rhonda, Jay and I promptly accepted, and then started to melt! People pay a LOT of money to have photos taken inside that Theater!

As we wrapped up the shoot we stopped to thank Cecil again, and get his card. A gentleman who was tuning the vintage organ came up during our conversation to say hello and ask, “Did you see that Vintage Hudson outside? That is mine. The doors are unlocked. You can take all the photos you want with it!” At this point I thought Jay would pass out – How MASCULINE!!

I don’t know how long we spent in the theater and climbing around the Hudson, or how many times Rhonda muttered, “I can’t believe I get to shoot in here! Everyone is just going to die when they hear about this!” What I do know is that photos that are just perfect- decadent, lush, a bit eerie and perfectly Jay and I. Many thanks to Rhonda for such a wonderful wedding gift!

I am posting my favorite below. Rhonda will send more to me over the holidays and I’ll add them as they come. Enjoy!


One thought on “A picture is worth a thousand words

  1. These are so amazing! What a gift and a great sign for what is to come**** So excited for you!!!:)

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